Through the MCDM

February 24, 2009

Last group of questions

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1. Why shouldn’t governments/colleges/institutions keep every record possible?

2. Should the US government control other methods of communication like it does with the radio spectrum? Why or why wouldn’t this be in the interest of US citizens?

3. Does new technology actually degrade the family unit or is it just the usage that degrades the family unit? Why is this a recurring theme with technology?


February 2, 2009

Questions for class

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1. Is the US patent system a good way to protect innovation? If not, what would be a good way to protect innovation and what impact would this have on innovation and the innovators?

2. Are disruptive technologies bound to succeed? Could the telegraph have done more to stop the telephone? Why does it seem like some technologies are inevitably going to succeed?

3. Can old technologies still have a place in current society like the turntable? Why would this happen?

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