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October 27, 2009


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I’ve always felt that applying the word social to “social media” was just good enough. I mean, social media is social to a point, but I wanted a word that fit with the technology better. A fit to how the technology was used. Sure you can argue that there is much socializing happening on websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr, but don’t forget that a small percentage social media users actually contribute something.

Ladder of participation. This is older, but still gives a decent picture of how it works.

When I look at the future, I see even more devices connecting people to the internet. I believe there will be an increase in participants as children born now will have a “social internet” in their blood. Because of the trend to have nearly all devices connected to the internet, I see social media transforming into an information flow. Both in and out of our lives a stream of information will flow. We can reach into the stream to grab some random data or throw a spear hoping to hit one specific thing. This isn’t vastly different from today, other than for the fact of where the information will come from.

Right now, the information populating the stream is created by people intending (for the most part) to create that information. In the future the information will be populated by the devices that people use without their knowledge. That isn’t to say that their streaming media device will try to trick them, but instead be a trade-off. If the user wants some kind of feature (and they will), then they will need to let the device add and draw from the information stream. We won’t need people consciously adding to the stream, it will just happen.

Perhaps “streaming” is a better word. “I’m using the stream.” “I found it using the stream.” “The stream is so last year.” I don’t know. Maybe it doesn’t work.


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