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November 3, 2009

A Whole New World

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(seems like a good idea to start a blog posting with a Disney reference from my youth, of which I apparently have become completely detached.)

I was really surprised by the article describing the streaming habits of young children. Most of which revolved around me puzzling over how a two-year old streams content from the internet. I can only imagine that:

  • I have no experience with modern day children
  • Children are far more advanced that I realize
  • The study threw two-year olds in there to grab attention
  • Hannah Montana has more power and influence than any single person should have

I’m pretty sure all of those are truthful to some extent. Strange times.

Maybe children flocking to the internet are more of a testament to the power of the medium to entertain. If you were to ask me, as Drew did, to think about “if the currency of storytelling is text, where do pictures come in?” I would reply, “they close the sale. They are the marketing, the flash, the bling, les accoutrements. Images can add a layer over the text that provides something new and exciting.”

Audubon's Carolina Parrot. If you're selling Carolina Parrots, I'm buying.

This is a fantastic example of what images can add to a story. You can describe a Carolina Parrot to me all you want, and that certainly helps in my understanding the Carolina Parrot, but you show me this, and your information just turned into a story. Images are powerful, as they directly impact one of our five main senses. Images can be used to tell any story.

One of Muybridge's experiments

Most images are either static or strung together to make movies, but the internet really changes how images can be used in a story. You don’t need to have somebody else cobble images together for a story. The experience can be created by the user. I believe that is why streaming is more popular among young children as they can develop their own stories using images, videos, books, and any other media available. The internet offers more flexibility when it comes to implementing visuals into stories.


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